Dear nature lover,

Thank you for your visit and welcome to the WorldNaturelle 🙂 I would like to share my story on how I started the path in the natural world.:)

I’m a positive, enthusiastic and keen to help others kinda person. I started the natural path two years ago when I decided I no longer want to be dependent on the doctors and prescriptions as I have been ever since I was little. It definitely wasn’t the easiest start but it was worth it and I can honestly say that it was and remains an amazing journey of getting to know myself whilst discovering new ways of natural healing. In addition to the natural herbal medicine I strongly believe in the mind and body connection and as such, whenever I have a certain condition, I look into what is happening at my emotional level. I have often discovered that many conditions are of complete reflection of my emotional upsets. The thing is, I am determined to treating the cause and not only the symptoms. That being said, it is not always easy to be honest with yourself and despite wanting to find the real cause, I like to ease and treat my symptoms. And that is where herbal medicine and my healing balms come into the picture.


Somewhere along the way of healing myself I have discovered that I no longer wanted to use the cosmetics that can be bought in stores. Being bombarded with the chemicals through my entire life, I decided it was enough. And the thing is, I just didn’t know better. Just like many of you. I didn’t know it was actually possible to have a completely natural body balm that did and even smelled good!

I started with making my own lip balm, a make up remover, body balms, butters and recently I have discovered an efficient recipe for a deodorant. I’m selling most of my products and I’m currently in the process of establishing a place where you can order my custom- and hand-made as well as eco-friendly products (no need to mention that they are 100% natural right? :). I always try to reuse as much as I can, so I’m always using the paper that has been previously used.

The making of natural skin care products led to an even more in depth knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition and the mind-body connection. After enrolling in several Schools and getting my Diploma I believe this is only the beginning, a pillar if you will, of the knowledge I want to know. I work on my health and well-being every single day and yes, it is not always easy. But it is the only true way for me 🙂

The all-natural path has lead me to the unexpected and amazing discoveries, adventures, ideas and places. Alongside I have met (and I’m continuing to meet) wonderful and inspiring people who share my passion. I am super excited and enthusiastic in the discovery of all that the nature has to offer 🙂


Therefore, feel free to contact me for any questions, suggestions, feedback etc. through my blog or e-mail info@worldnaturelle.com 🙂


Due to many questions I receive, I am now offering a free session – since this article I’ve became a Herbalist, Life Coach and Healthy Foodie and would love to chat with you! And I have a brand new website: http://www.worldnaturelle.com 🙂 We can talk about any questions you may have, about food, herbalism or life coaching 🙂 You can book your session here. Yay, I’m really excited to be speaking with you! 🙂

Nature loves you!

Tina, WorldNaturelle

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