Dear all,

I wanted to share with you my words on Thanks giving. Even though I missed posting it yesterday, the intention remains πŸ™‚

Since thanksgiving is the day when we give thanks I want to thank every single one of you dear readers, followers and clients: without you, WorldNaturelle wouldn’t be the same and not nearly as much fun and creative as it has been and because of you, WorldNaturelle is growing every day and now I can offer you online worldwide advice – how amazing is that? πŸ™‚

I am also grateful for friends and family who have been very supportive and at the end of the day, a thank you to myself.
Thank you for all the hardships you’ve been through – it made me stronger thank you for all the sad and difficult times – it made me appreciate and spread the love.


Thank you for every moment, good, bad and plain. It is a great time to remember to thank everyone, but also remember to thank yourself. After all, without you, your will, motivation, persistence and everything else you embody, you wouldn’t be so amazing, unique and achieve so many wonderful things.

Hope you had a spectacular thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

With lots of love,


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