Christmas DIY decorations, ornaments and teas at WorldNaturelle (:

Dear reader,

As promised, here are photos of my Christmas trees. Yes, I had more than one this year 🙂 This post is all about the Christmas trees, DIY ornaments & ideas for (christmas) decorations, skincare products and teas.


My first tree was a Tea Christmas tree. I’ve always been very very keen on teas (I probably have around 40 – 50 herbal infusions and dried herbs right now) and really like Yogi tea because they come with the quotes. Positive and motivational quotes are an important part of my life. Not just Yogi tea quotes, I mean generally. A couple of years ago, quotes helped me to get out of a relationship that was filled with negative energy, into a completely new one: relationship with myself 🙂 So when I first discovered Yogi tea in Paris, about two years ago, I absolutely loved the taste, not to mention the quotes. Ever since, I am collecting the Yogi quotes. And drinking the tea of course 🙂  Every now and then I would throw away the ones I already had and yet, I still have so many (and counting 🙂 So I figured I can make a tea decorations on a really big branch of a tree, I found laying in the forest. I’m just re-using and being grateful for natures’ gift. So there it is, my tree with decorations of Yogi tea quotes and various tea brands: Yogi tea, Pukka, Dr. Stuarts, Neal’s Yard Remedies and Hambleden Herbs.

Can you count how many Yogi tea quotes are there? 🙂

All of the teas are very good, all of them are in tea bags and they are organic. You can see some Pukka boxes on the side – those are all empty, except for the green tea. I really like Pukka teas and their boxes are so beautiful that I always keep them 🙂 If you’re wondering which one is my favourite, I would say that every brand and herb has a very specific flavour and origin. As such, I can’t compare, for instance, Yogi’s Stomach Ease to Pukka’s Elderberry & Echinacea. 🙂 I did, however made a comparison of different brands in regards to Echinacea tea (will post it!). These teas are unique, high quality and different in their flavour and healing properties. But they are all amazing herbal teas 🙂
Here are examples of the Yogi quotes that I am posting every day on my Instagram and Facebook accounts 🙂 Can you find your favourite tea? 🙂




As you will see from the pictures below, the next Christmas tree holds most of my wonderfully natural, handmade & eco-friendly skin care products. Some of them are Healing Calendula butter, Rich Lavender Body Balm, Herbal shower packs (you can find them here), beeswax candles Bee Happy that are made with my hands and lots of love :), First Aid Balm (made of Calendula and St. John’s Wort oils) and Calendula kiss lip balm. As you can see, this one is natural as well and even with the decorations, it remains natural. A quick reminder: my products are 100% natural. I don’t like to point out what they are missing (preservatives etc.) so instead, I am focusing on their positive and wonderful effects and nourishing ingredients. On this link you can find a review of my Lavender products from an amazing Beauty blogger who is making the reviews of various cosmetic brands, UniqaPoly 🙂 Is there something on this WorldNaturelle Christmas tree that would make it on your wishlist? 🙂


And last, but definitely not least, is an actual Christmas tree that I got in forest. This one was squished on one side and drying, so I decided it will have a nice home with me this holidays 🙂 No waste 😉 Decorations are hand made from the card board boxes and old wrapping paper.

I had some help with the amazing owl and a king from my partner. They are both made from the toilet paper. Amazing recycling, don’t you think?


Even though my ornaments are simply shaped (Christmas trees, stars and presents) they are as personal as they can get. As such, they are the nicest Christmas ornaments I’ve ever had and they were really easy to make. All you need are card board boxes, scissors, wrapping paper and some glue 🙂 And the strings they are attached to are cut from the clothes – you know when you buy a jumper and it’s too big or the material is too slippery to stay on the hanger, so they have this beautiful string or two them on the inside? I cut them off and now they are decorating the ornaments with their silky look. 🙂 I am packing the ornaments in the box and they will come in handy for next year 🙂


Santa left some amazing gifts under this natural Christmas tree for me 🙂 Teas of course 🙂 I’m pretty sure you’ll find this language unreasonably weird, so here are the translations 🙂 One of the teas is Ayurvedic tea for revitalising your body: it consists of ginger, turmeric, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and cloves. It’s super delicious, slightly spicy and boosts the immune system. The second is Green Yunnan tea from China. I usually add organic rose petals to that one and it’s amazing! 🙂 Both of these teas are from my favourite spot in Novo mesto, Slovenia. It’s an amazing tea house and store called Stari most (in English “The Old Bridge”) with loads and loads of teas, tea ware and natural & organic products. If you ever find yourself in Slovenia and you’re a tea/nature lover, I strongly recommend you visit this place 😉 The third one is an organic herbal blend of Austrian mountain plants. Yummy 🙂


That is about it my dear nature lovers. Last year’s Christmas trees were a reflection of my passions and love for natural skincare products, herbal teas (and herbal medicine), positive quotes and creativity. Which one was your favourite? Did you also make DIY Christmas decorations? It’d be great to exchange some creative ideas and feedbacks 🙂

Until next time, here’s a quote from my Winter Wonderland 🙂


With lots of love,


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